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Welcome to the official web page of the Chomutov Marksmen Association. Members of our civic association
profess interest in history of shooting clubs and organizations, historic weapons and target shooting from these weapons or their replicas. We aim to continue the distinguished tradition of shooting associations existing in Czech cities since as early as the 16 th century. The year 2011 marks the 450 th anniversary of the first historically confirmed written mention of a shooting association in Chomutov. From its founding in 2006 the club has doubled its membership. In March 2011 there are 15 full members: 14 men in proper historic uniforms and 1 woman dressed in period civil clothing. Two honorable members and two aspirants complete the association’s body. Twice a year we hold shootings, one of our main activities. We use only weapons produced or included in the army equipment before 1914. Among our other activities belongs organizing exhibitions, conferences, balls and other public events. Our bylaws also emphasize effort to connect with other similarly themed associations in the CR and abroad. There are in total eleven organizations in the Czech Republic. Seven of them merged in 2007 and formed the ‘Ostrostřelci zemí Koruny české’ association (OZKČ or Marksmen of the Czech Crown Lands). OZKČ aims to present and advocate common interests of individual clubs in the CR and throughout Europe, where the sharpshooter community is about six million people strong. Medals depicting the shooter patron St. Sebastian were made in 2010 to commemorate the founding of the Chomutov Marksmen Association.